Baba Joon is becoming an online TV star!

Recently the folks at Morgan Hill Life did an interview with Baba Joon and posted it on their YouTube channel. In it, Baba Joon reveals the secrets behind his delicious Chocolate Chewies. Learn how he came up with the recipe, where the name Baba Joon came from, and much much more. 


Chocolatey, chewy, and most importantly...

The Delicious Reasons blog gave our chocolate chewies a great review!

Here is an excerpt:

If I want a cookie, it must be chewy, chocolatey, buttery, and making me want to eat another one. Or three. If you gave me a gluten-free, dairy-free cookie, I’d be preparing my tastebuds to encounter something akin to eating a wafer of compressed sawdust. When I tried these Baba Joon’s Chocolate Chewies, I thought I was eating a real cookie or brownie. When you taste these, you won’t be missing the gluten or dairy components found in traditional cookies....

Carol Kicinski recommends Baba Joon's!

Carol is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Simply Gluten Free Magazine, a TV chef, cookbook author, and gluten-free recipe developer. After tasting Baba Joon's chocolate chewies, she had a lot to say!

Baba Joon’s Chocolate...